Guitar Pro 8 | What's new (2023)

Add an audio file to your scores!

Guitars & Bass are played by Realistic Sound Engine, Vocals & Drums by an Audio Track.

Play along with your score with an audio file such as a song or a backing track.

  • Enjoy practicing

    Play along your score with an audio file such as a song or a backing track.
    Relative tempo and detune mode are also compatible with the audio track.

  • Edit easily

    Synchronize your audio file with your score to transcribe songs easily.

  • Share your knowledge

    Insert an audio file containing a recording of your teaching instructions for your music students or your band members.

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Focus/Unfocus track

Quickly amplify or attenuate the selected track to create a volume contrast with the other tracks.

Work on your rhythm with the visualmetronome

Play with the new visual metronome and countdown displayed over the LCDscreen.

  • Fix the tempo

    Ignore tempo changes and automations in the score to easily learn new songs and riffs.

  • Change the relative speed

    Press +/- keys to speed up or slow down the relative speed or fixed tempo of your song during the playback.

  • Lock the sound of the line-in

    You can now lock your preset using the line-in to keep the same sound while changing tracks or even when you close a file.

Create the perfect guitar sound

Easily create your own effects chain and mastering with the new pedalboard.

Guitar Pro 8 | What's new (1)

Adjust the sound precisely

Customize the duration, the offset and the relative velocity of eachnote of your score.

Guitar Pro 8 | What's new (2)

Mix the drum set

Adjust the sound of the drum set and percussion tracks by setting the volume and pan of each element.

Guitar Pro 8 | What's new (3)

Pre-listen to the soundbanks while playing your tabs

Mouse over the sound presets to get an audio preview while your score is playing.

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Customize your tabs easily

New design options

Move and adjust the placement of each beat.

Align the bars easily with the automatic guideline.

New Stylesheet options

Set the spacing of the chords diagram in the score header, the systems, the staff and the scale diagrams.

Customize the font of the music symbols.
Edit the font and text of numerous score indications like: palmmuting, slap, pop, rasgueado, pickscrape andmore.

Guitar Pro 8 | What's new (4)

Enjoy new notation options

Scale diagrams

Edit and insert scale diagrams in your scores for guitars from 3 to 10 strings and up to 24 frets.

Customize the diagrams by changing the shape, color and text of the dots representing the notes, and change the orientation of the diagram on your scores.

Guitar Pro 8 | What's new (5)

Nested tuplets

You can now create tuplets inside tuplets to create complexrhythmicpatterns.

Guitar Pro 8 | What's new (6)

Piano fingering

Edit piano fingering and indicate sustain piano pedal.

Guitar Pro 8 | What's new (7)

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Edit faster with the command palette

Increase your productivity

The command palette is like shortcuts on steroids!

Get quick and direct access to Guitar Pro's notation options to edit your scores and boost your productivity massively!

Dozens of commands available

Select and easily add chords and directions to your score with the "ExpressionText"tool.

Quickly go through Guitar Pro main features in the "ActionList" and use them to edit your scores.

Guitar Pro 8 | What's new (8)

Discover new mySongBook options


Apply 3 filters on the mySongBook song list to sort out the scores by genres, instruments/levels and types.

Guitar Pro 8 | What's new (9)

Audio tracks

Learn songs with our enhanced tab library.

Enjoy audio tracks directly in your mySongBook tabs to learn easily and play along with your files.

Guitar Pro 8 | What's new (10)

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And many more improvements...

  • The contrast and colors of the interface have been adjusted to offer you a better reading comfort.
  • Guitar Pro 8 benefits from an improved efficiency on Mac with AppleSilicon.
  • Export your scores to PNG with transparent backgrounds.
  • Export your scores to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).
  • The accuracy and dynamics of the soundbanks have been corrected and improved.
  • Chords are now transposed with their names and fingerings.
  • To find the files you are working on more easily, pin them in the recent section of the homepage.
  • Edit quarter tones on tremolo bar.
  • Show slash notation for drums and standardmusicnotation.
  • The numbered musical notation called jiǎnpǔ is now available.
  • Show cautionary accidentals.
  • Use decimal tempo.
  • Diatonic transposition.
  • Improved performance.
  • And many others...

Guitar Pro 8.0 is only the beginning!

The Guitar Pro team is working on new essential features that will be offered in the next free updates. Stay tuned!

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Release notes

Guitar Pro 8.1

New features

  • SVG export (“File” > “Export” > “SVG…”)
  • Numbered musical notation (Jianpu/simplified notation)
  • “Free scores” mySongBook category
  • mySongBook scores can now be sorted by last added
  • MIDI export and import of audio note settings
  • “Fit to width” and “Fit to page” options in the preferences
  • Swedish translation


  • Fix the timbre of some notes
  • Fix the audio fine tuning offset on a slide
  • Fix the unwanted vertical scroll on a repetition in horizontal display mode
  • Update the audio when adding a slur between two bars
  • When the playback stops by itself, the cursor correctly returns to its starting position
  • Chronos are now independent of the relative speed and fixed tempo
  • Fix the sound of trills on tied notes
  • Fix the pitch of legato slides in MIDI
  • Switch the metronome to MIDI when all tracks are in MIDI
  • In MIDI with a soloed track, the other tracks are no longer heard on the first beat


  • Fix a missing slur between two bars after undoing a string shift
  • Fix the cursor behavior after using shortcuts to delete notes
  • Fix the string shift from the banjo’s short drone
  • Natural harmonics are no longer modified when shifting strings
  • “Redo” is no longer enabled by default when opening a file


  • Fix the bend/whammy indications disappearing on playback
  • Fix the misproportioned thickness of ledger lines outside of the staff
  • Fix the glyph for jazzy accidentals
  • Fix the jazzy repetition bars indication
  • Fix a collision between piano fingerings
  • Fix the fret and string number after a rest on slash notation
  • Fix the crescendo indication in multivoice
  • Fix the muted notes symbol when importing from XML
  • Fix the double dots on quarters and shorter rhythm values
  • Fix the grace notes position when using the “Bar Arranger” tool
  • Fix the duplicate HoPo after changing the number of strings
  • Fix the display of slashes at the end of systems


  • Fix the value displayed on the progressive speed during a countdown between bars
  • Fix the “Go To Previous/Next Bar” cursor command behavior
  • Reinstate the “Move/Copy/Swap Voices” tool shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + M)
  • The Virtual Drum Kit is no longer empty for the bongo and the reverse cymbal
  • Keep the selection when changing tracks
  • Fix the drag beyond the screen of the rotary knobs
  • Updating the time signature correctly updates the audio track slice of the Global View
  • Update the note name after a transposition
  • Save the solo/mute states between sessions in the drum mix popup


  • Fix initialising the scale diagrams dialog from a selection
  • Editing the audio track padding from the first sync point correctly updates the audio
  • An empty diagram is no longer displayed when using the “chord” command of the command palette
  • Improve the audio preview for drumkits in the Track Wizard
  • The güiro now has two articulations and is no longer on the same string as the surdo on the Africa Kit
  • Fretlight guitar frets are correctly displayed on repeated bars
  • Audio Fine Tuning is available for grace notes

Opening / Importing / Exporting files

  • Fix the XML export for directions when the first bar is empty
  • Fix the XML import for fingerings on tablature staves
  • Fix the XML import for voices when there are several
  • Fix the XML import for free texts
  • Fix the MIDI import for slurs
  • Remove of excess rests on MIDI import
  • Fix the import of audio files containing special characters on Windows
  • Fix the export of the audio track when exporting audio as separate files
  • All backup files of the previous session are now correctly restored after a crash

Fixed crashes

  • On importing a .ptb with a Coda
  • On opening a .M4A audio file
  • On opening a .opus audio file
  • On updating the layout in multitrack
  • On closing a file with a forced stylesheet
  • On deleting chords
  • On previewing an empty file
  • On adding HoPo in tablature
  • On MIDI import
  • On disconnecting a Bluetooth headphone
  • On copy-pasting sustain pedals
  • On selecting empty bars with the keyboard

Guitar Pro 8.0.2


  • Improvement of the support for high sampleRate on sound cards
  • Application of the relative tonality on slides
  • Restoration of the mono switch
  • Update of the metronome when the time signature changes
  • Fix of the audio track offset when changing the relative tempo


  • Add of the sustain pedal undo
  • Restoration of the application of the dynamics in the next bars
  • Restoration of the chord transposition
  • Deletion of the score tempo after deleting the point by double-clicking in the automation dialog
  • Graphical update of sounds after track deletion
  • Insertion of a beat does not add a sound anymore
  • Fix of partial capo import and consideration
  • Fix of chords transposition in a selection
  • Fix of the application of the orientation of stems on a selection


  • Display of slurs on slashes in standard notation
  • Display of HoPo in tablature according to the style sheet
  • Hide courtesy on tied notes
  • Fix of a regression on the clefs display at the beginning of the system
  • Fix of design mode on last system and coda


  • Addition of an alert message when locking a file
  • Section text field is now case sensitive
  • Improvement of effect parameters formatting
  • Addition of an audio track does not force the saving
  • Addition of the missing %MUSIC% tag in the classic style sheet
  • Translation of fingerings in the right-click menu of the chord diagram editor
  • Reset of sound displacement
  • Addition of a character in the tempo automations label that does not send the cursor to the end anymore
  • Fix of copy and paste of sustain pedals
  • Fix of effects pasting in the effect chain
  • Fix of the limiter pedal
  • Fix of the audio track slice in the global view when changing the time signature

Open / Import / Export files

  • Restore “force” options when loading files from the previous sessions
  • Following of symbolic links in local files
  • Fix of audio export without selection
  • Take into account the volume of the metronome when exporting audio with metronome
  • Reset of quantization to 1/64 when importing MIDI
  • Fix of MIDI export with staccatos
  • Fix of time signatures in MIDI export with an anacrusis
  • Addition of the tempo decimal in MIDI import / export
  • Fix of the rests position in the last bar in MIDI export
  • Import and export of chords without notes in MusicXML


  • Fix of a problem of software closing when a Fretlight guitar is connected

Fixed crashes

  • on undoing
  • on using Blackhole or SoundFlower drivers
  • on software closing
  • on effect modifying
  • on refreshing audio devices

Guitar Pro 8.0.1


  • Adds a menu entry “View > Show Pedalboard”.
  • Adds the undo/redo on pedalboard effects
  • Displays the empty chord diagrams
  • Editing the chord diagram library marks the document as modified
  • Fingering controls are no longer case sensitive in the control palette
  • Takes into account effects before time (brush, slide in) at playback and loop launch
  • Prevents system collision when there are many chords on the first page

Bug fixes

Audio track
  • Fixes the MP3 file mismatch between Windows and macOS
  • Fixes a bad MP3 loading due to MPEG parser
  • Fixes a channel inversion in audio track in some cases
  • Fixes the audio export of a selection with audio track
  • Fixes the management of sync points in the presence of anacrusis
Chord transposition
  • Fixes the naming of transposed chords
  • Fixes the key signature on transposition key change
  • Fixes the update of the chords at the top of the score when cancelling and after a transposition of all tracks
  • Fixes the transposition of all staves if “current track” and “all bars” are selected in the transposition dialog
  • Fixes the transposition of the chords of all tracks when this option is selected
  • Restores the transposition of chords created from the command palette
  • Fixes the slides out in presence of auto-brush
  • Fixes the auto let ring duration
  • Fixes the sustain pedal management in RSE and MIDI
  • Fixes the MIDI let ring on two successive notes on the same string
  • Fixes a random disappearance of sections during playback
  • Fixes a partial disappearance of bends during playback
  • Fixes the use of the ASIO Realtek Audio driver
  • Fixes the sustain to stop at the last beat with pedal
  • Fixes the unset command in the command palette for free text, double bar, free time, timer
  • Fixes the cursor position when switching to single staff
  • Fixes the layout of some dialogues where the text was truncated
  • Restores the “Capo and transposed chords modify standard notation” option when opening a file
  • Restores the display of triplet feel in a particular configuration
  • Restores the application of the “modified” status for all actions modifying the document
  • Restores the chord window and chords at the top of the score after cancelling a chord transposition
  • Restores the display of long menus on several columns, preventing them to go beyond the screen
  • Fixes various crashes, including when previewing sounds during playback, adding a legato slide, multi-voice selection, changing the orientation of stems, deleting a section, when opening a MIDI file, when adding an audio file containing a ‘#’, with the barred and arpeggio commands, when closing the software
  • Fixes an issue with the installer PKG on macOS which unnecessarily required the installation of Rosetta


What is the latest version of Guitar Pro? ›

New guitar Pro 8 available

This time, we have made our best to offer you a better product without changing the user experience. Discover our new features: add an audio track to your scores, use the visual metronome, customize your tabs easily, display scale diagrams on your tabs, edit tabs faster and many more...

Is Guitar Pro still worth it? ›

1) Those Who Want to Learn How to Play Guitar

As I've said before, Guitar Pro is a great tool for learning how to play songs and guitar in general. I believe this piece of software has substantially improved my guitar skills and allowed me to learn songs in half the time it would take with a regular tab or by ear.

Can you use the Ultimate Guitar app without a subscription? ›

Note: Ultimate Guitar provides Pro and Courses subscriptions, but you can still enjoy the app for free!

When did Guitar Pro 8 come out? ›

Guitar Pro 8 was released last May 2022 bringing numerous new features to help you make tabs more precise, better-looking and better sounding. We thank you all for your feedback and comments.


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